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Main Campaign Themes:

1). More Efficient Zoning/Planning Approval Process

2). Building Financial Infrastructure by Supporting Local Business

3). Limiting Tax Growth


Vote April 6th!!

Friendly reminder that polling is open on Tuesday, April 6th, from 7 AM to 6 PM, at the Village Library. We have many excellent candidates to choose from! This has been a really fun and exciting time!  Really appreciate the opportunity to meet so many people and learn a lot about the awesome village of […]

Constitutional Right to Candidacy

The American Constitution outlines the mechanisms by which each natural-born citizen is entitled to certain unalienable rights and liberties.  One of these is the Constitutional Right to Candidacy, which basically allows any US Citizen to run for political office under the freedoms and liberties afforded to him or her by the US Constitution. Any violation […]

Liberty Song

I found this song and thought it was particularly relevant. “Come, join hand in hand, brave Americans all And rouse your bold hearts at fair Liberty’s call. No tyrannous acts shall suppress your just claim Or stain with dishonour America’s name. Chorus In freedom we’re born and in freedom we’ll live. Our purses are ready. […]

Freedom/Liberty vs. Social Responsibility

I’ve been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately, particularly as it relates to COVID 19 cases. In the United States, we greatly value our freedoms that are inherent in living in a democracy (social, religious, many more). Addditionally, the Declaration Of Independence affords us the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of […]

I’d Like to Meet You!

Hi All, With the election quickly approaching, I will be going door-to-door to EVERY home and business in the Village. My intent in doing this is three-fold: 1).  I love walking. 2).  I love talking to people. 3).  I want to see first-hand the main issues facing  Elm Grove residents and what exactly they want […]

Traffic Concerns

While I don’t think the current traffic in the Village area is a major concern AT PRESENT, I do think that there may be significant problems, particularly given the SSND development and if we adopt the current version of the Downtown Development Plan. At the impetus of the Village, Mandel did hire a third party […]

Village Fiscal Management

There needs to be increasing transparency and better communication with all citizens regarding the Fiscal Management of the Village. I do believe that while the Village has been fairly fiscally responsible over the years, the recent expenditures (mainly the Development Plan) have been alarming. In general, coupled with the SSND project, I think we’re not […]

Daylighting of Underwood Creek

I think this is as close to a “no-brainer” as possible. This is a clear win for the Elm Grove Village. I read and reviewed the correspondence and Public Comments re: this issue, including those from Women’s Guild President Wynia-Smith. I’d like to quote and echo directly the comments from Mr. Robert Reineke: “I’d like […]


Vote April 6th!

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Thank You EG Junior Guild Vaccination Clinic!

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School Sisters of Notre Dame – Preview

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Freedom from Dictatorship

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Introducing Myself

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Evidence-based decision making

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